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The business market, regulators and the general community now demand higher standards of corporate behaviour. Because of this, director accountability is at its prime and the expectations and scrutiny are only going to get higher – and when you take into account what is at stake, rightly so!

There are a number of Boards grappling with similar issues:

  1. Australia is undergoing a significant generational shift when you look at the composition of many Boards. With this shift has come an extra challenge often referred to as “director in transition”. This term refers to non-executive Board Directors, usually in their first appointment, who are learning how being a Director differs from being in management.
  2. Failure to plan for the succession of your Board. This can occur when mature Board members decide it is time to call it a day and the appropriate expertise cannot or has not been replaced by another Board member. It is also not unusual for these Board members to take with them extensive organisational and industry knowledge.
  3. Poorly composed Boards – i.e. a number of Directors who hold similar skill sets and therefore bring a lack of diversity and fall into ‘group think’.
  4. Lack of an independent resource. People outside of the organisation can be invaluable when the Board or Chair are grappling with issues such as conflicts, dynamics, Governance structures or Board appropriate agendas.

After speaking to many experienced Directors about their needs, we've identified a gap in the market for outsourced, specialist help. As a capital partner of a predominantly commercial law firm based in South Australia, Joanna Andrew offers an independent, professional and dynamic service which is suitable for Boards and Directors of all ages and experience. She has worked with a number of Boards across different industries and sectors, meaning she can bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to your organisation. Further, her no-nonsense, practical approach means that she will make a difference to your Board and its performance.

We are offering two services, Board and individual director reviews. These are tailored and personalised packages which incorporate facilitated sessions and tackling the difficult questions. We also offer a range of options at different price points. Since each Board has its own dynamics, strengths and weaknesses, our services are customised, flexible and tailored to your Board’s needs. We have a network of complimentary service providers and can make recommendations to other consultants and/or organisations, dependent upon the issues identified during your review.

Board and Director reviews are essential for good governance and should be conducted annually, or at the least, bi-annually. Please contact Joanna Andrew for further information to ensure your organisation is performing at its peak.