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Mellor Olsson is recognised as one of the State’s premier providers of advice and court representation in Native Title law and has over 25 years' experience in this field.

We have been involved in numerous Native Title matters and have successfully negotiated Indigenous Land Use Agreements and Consent Determinations as a means of resolving Native Title claims without the need for contested litigation. We have had extensive dealings with the Commonwealth Government in obtaining funding for the representative action of third parties in these claims.

Much of our work has been conducted in remote and regional areas on contested and complex Native Title claims, which have involved a wide range of often competing and/or overlapping rights and interests.

We have a significant track record of representing for Respondents to Native Title claim applications, such as the South Australian Farmers Federation, Livestock South Australia, Pastoralists, Wildcatch South Australia for Commercial Fishing Interests , Water Licence Holders and Apiarists.

We have also had a very active role with the Representative Native Title Bodies, Applicant groups and their legal counsel, from the pre-registration stage of Native Title claims through to lodgment and resolution. We have worked extensively, over an extended period, with the legal representatives of Applicants in regards to Consent orders and reaching Consent Determinations of Native Title.