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Mellor Olsson has, for many years, acted for Government clients in the area of Governance, Regulatory and Administrative Law. This is both in relation to assisting clients to ensure their procedures are correct and that staff have an appropriate understanding of the relevant requirements, as well as assisting with enforcing breaches or going to Court.

We regard advice in relation to legislation, its interpretation and the obligations it imposes as an integral part of our role with our Government clients.

We are intimately familiar with all areas of administrative law, having been involved in numerous matters both for and against Government clients and other statutory authorities whereby decisions are assessed and reviewed.

We have drafted various codes of conduct, provided advice on meeting procedures and conflict of interest matters, been involved in complaints and Ministerial investigations of clients, including Ombudsman investigations, and have considerable experience in statutory interpretation and compliance issues.

We can provide advice on stakeholder engagement strategies, assist with developing governance frameworks for community facilities and the preparation of policies, processes and procedures. We have experience in undertaking audits of policies, processes, procedures and operations in order to identify areas of non-compliance and best practice improvement. Our team has also provided advice and presented seminars in relation to rates issues.

Service Offering

Administrative law advice

Audit and review of policies, processes, procedures and operations


Conflict of interest

Legislative interpretation and application

Ombudsman investigations and ICAC reviews

Review of decision making processes