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The Uniform Civil Rules 2020 were introduced in South Australia in May this year. As a result, there is now one set of rules for the Supreme, District and Magistrates Court (albeit that there are some variations as to the operation of the rules as between the Courts).

In conjunction with the change of rules, the South Australian Courts have introduced a new electronic court filing and management system. The electronic system is accessed via the CourtSA website, which has been created as an online registry for the filing of documents. Importantly for Councils, the Environment, Resources and Development Court has also adopted the new CourtSA online filing system.

In practical terms, this means that Councils will need access the CourtSA website in order to file documents (usually in circumstances where lawyers have not been instructed). One example of where this might typically occur is in the provision of copy documents by Council as the relevant authority in appeal proceedings. Copy documents will now need to be filed electronically on the CourtSA website as well as in hard copy with the Court Registry.

In order to file documents electronically, Councils will need to create an account on the CourtSA website. Once a username has been generated, you will then need to request access to the particular matter that you are involved in and upload the document.

Given the significance of the changes to the rules and the introduction of the electronic system, it is likely that there will be an adjustment period for all court users, including practitioners, the Registry and the Courts generally.

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